Facebook Page Development & Promotion

When the market is facing tough competitions across all world and business organizations need to create their presence, we think of advertisement or publicity for our businesses. We think of some of the largely used channels i.e. Television, Newspaper, Pamphlets, banners, bulk mailing tools etc. Have we ever thought of the cost and their presence ratios. I guess somewhat.

Let’s have an example of the general advertisement rates and their presence ratios.

Television advertisement – Rs.5, 00,000 (Very High level of presence mixed area of target)

News paper advertisement – Rs.50000 (Large presence but no target area for a day or two.)

Pamphlet advertisement – Rs.5000(Medium Level Presence limited target area for a day only.)

Banner advertisement – Rs.1000 (Low level presence limited target area.)

Just think what is the need of such an advertisement when it has no target area or low level of presence and high cost inputs.

Due to very fast life in this world even people do not have time for viewing television, reading news paper or pamphlet so over large portion of advertisement is wasted.

In the present generation of Internet age mobile phones, tablets, laptops, pcs have become almost common, where the majority of users are youngsters.

Just imagine a MNC’s , Bank , Office, or any Industry without a Internet connectivity. We can’t think of it.

So, Why not use it as Opportunity for your business?

For effective business advertisement we need to target all those who are online or have Internet access.

For this We have an amazing business advertisement opportunity to promote your company at a cost of Rs. 0.18 Paisa* only. (*per ad on minimum plan basis)

Want to know how?

Through Facebook---You might have used or heard of facebook in your life time. Your answer would be Yes in 99.99 % case.

Why Facebook ?
-Biggest social Networking Site of the world.
-Nearly 80 crore of users across the globe.
- Near 7 crore of users in India growing usage @ 18.11 % per year alone making India 3rd in Facebook usage after U.S.A, and Brazil (Source:-http://www.socialbakers.com)30-July 2012
-Can be used for targeting a segment.
-Very Cost effective plans for advertisement.
-More than 70 % Usage by youngsters only.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook

We request you to kindly go through the below provided details of the plan and let us what you think of this golden opportunity.

Executive Summary
Spider Logics’s technique involves a mix of the most powerful social media campaign strategies in the industry. Our page designs are cutting edge and employ as many technologies as necessary to increase the value of your social media marketing campaign. The results from our efforts regularly outpace that of your rivals by several multiples, catapulting your brand ahead of your competition.

GOAL: Increase online social media presence of the company through a Facebook social media campaign. Campaign will center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. Gain 100 to 200 followers per month using these strategies (If you are using Facebook Fan Page).

STRATEGY: To really make your social media campaign a huge success, we would develop a deep understanding of your business; what you are trying to accomplish and what your goals are. This discovery interview provides critical business intelligence aimed around what’s happening in your industry. During the interview process an intelligence gathering survey form will guide us through an inquiry into the nature of your business needs, competition, and desired outcome. In addition you can ask any questions that may be concerning you in regards to the types of changes that will be made to your web site or Facebook Fan Page, when to expect results, and lays the strategic foundation for your ongoing social media marketing campaign.

METHODS: Spider Logics will employ the following methods over a 1 month campaign:

-Custom design of Facebook fan page
-Custom design of Facebook Ads
-Run ad campaigns targeted at specific followers in your area
-Provide method for [Client] employees to make use of social media outlets and announce products updates and changes
-Encourage conversions and feedback

MAINTENANCE: Campaigns will be maintained (at minimum) twice daily; six times a week for as long as Spider Logics is retained.

PRICING (Packages):
Plan Baby Business Promotion Bonus Business Promotion Fast Business Promotion Jumbo Business Promotion pricing depend of requerments.